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How to Fuck a corporate Job

Hey there, this is not very easy to fuck a corporate job……

 Why/when you fuck a in-house job:

Point 1. After joining when you feel you have no much time for spend your salary with your family and friends!

Yes I am talking about if boss didn’t give you rest time and he saw you how he saw a robot.

Point 2. When your Boss didn’t give you freedom for work by yourself ,what the way you like to solve a problem, what you think about a task, and if your boss didn’t care about how many co task involved with this portion.

Point 3. when your boss call you anytime if you’re not in office or off day and try to talking about bullshit tasks.

If your boss tries to get work done by you when you are in home for weekend and boss don’t care your family. When your boss call you in midnight and say he has an idea about tomorrows tasks, that’s mean you have no time for yourself after office hours.

Point 4. when always you complete actual tasks but your boss didn’t happy and try to fired you.

Point 5. when your boss disturb your I mean if you solved problem easy way and your boss interfere and he said do it another way, your way was wrong, but problem already solved and everything is OK.

Point 6. when day by day your skill increases but boss do not think about your promotion.

Point 7. when boss promised you current year you would be got an surprise and promotion but boss gives the position to a sexy co worker without checking skills.

Point 8. When you feel bored to work under boss, or team manager so you can take decision right now.

Before fuck your jobs, follow below important point.

1. Save some cash, deposit some money from your salary each month

2. try to plan what you will do after resign jobs

3. If you want to start a new company start planning before resign jobs

4. Share about your problems with your friends and family and take advised from them.

5. If you have wife you can share your problems with her and discussed about what you want to do next.

6. If you have girl friend share your situation with her and tell her do meet try to met on bar or restaurant, you need to save some cash ,so meet with her on park or street coffee cafe 😛

7. If you have no deposit then you can find a part time jobs for you and half of day you can take for yourself and you can earn some extra money.

OK, so finally everything is OK ? so now you’re ready to fuck your corporate job.

Now what you need to do ?

Human have no times for full time vacation, you need to start your work again after a short vacation.

What you will do or start ?

Now first think, what you do well, I mean only you know about your skills

Then you can try to plan for a start up,You can start your own small start-up company

First plan about your start up

Discuss with your close or nearest friends for idea, or you can take advice’s from experts.

Then organize your financial support from several way, if you have much money for starting then fine.

OK guys let’s get started…


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