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Five ways to look like a pro

  1. Have your own website. The publishing business is becoming increasingly

internet dependant. Editors spend a lot of time online. A good looking homepage, with a

bio, writing samples, and contact information, is a cheap and easy way to get noticed.

  1. Roll with the punches. If an editor suggests changing something, go with it.

Always. This is a business, and should be treated like one. Pros don’t let their egos

interfere with their work.

  1. Be personable. Editors and agents don’t want to work with someone who isn’t

enjoyable to be around. Writers who are easily upset, depressed, anxious, or overly

enthusiastic don’t last very long in this business.

  1. Make deadlines. Always. No excuses. If you’re always early, you’ll be loved

for it.

  1. Act professional. Make sure you have business cards and letterhead, a fax

machine, an email address, and an office phone. I answer my phone, “J.A. Konrath.” It’s

much more effective than “Hello?”

Five ways to look like a pro by

Scott Nicholson From The Book of  Write Good or Die


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