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BDNEWS Headlines WordPress Plugin is a very fast and popular online Bengali news portal. also there are huge number of Bangladeshi blogger use WordPress and many major social media blogs use sidebar news headlines. so i just published a new WordPress plugin that can display bdnews latest news headlines on your WordPress website sidebar.

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5 Great WordPress Snippets

here is the 5 great and useful WordPress Snippets

Encoding Emails

To start i’d like you to introduce you a simple a great snippet using a WordPress native function called: antispambot(). It’s very easy to use but it’s very useful. The aim is to encrypt emails that are displayed on the frontend to avoid spambots to catch them and spam you or tour clients. Just place the email as a function parameter and WordPress does the job:

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Top 5 Chrome Extensions For WordPress Developer

a good chrome extension can save your time and help to work more easy as you want. now i want to share my experience with my WordPress developer friends.


Almost Free – WordPress’ Press This interface for Chrome. Supports multiple blogs.It allows you to share links from anywhere. Allows quick and easy access to your WordPress blog’s “Press This” interface from Chrome. Continue reading “Top 5 Chrome Extensions For WordPress Developer”

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Why Yoast WordPress SEO plugin Awesome

seo trafficSome peoples use many plugin for several feature on WordPress

Like sitemap
Meta tag
No index
Alexa and webmaster tools
But they can do all things by only a plugin, yes it’s possible when they use WordPress SEO Plugin by  yoast

Why it’s pretty ?
Yeah you can make user friendly title setting by using tittle overwrite within one click.

now i want to show you something cool about this plugins
here i listed few most advanced feature of WordPress Seo by yoast

1. Visual Status of Seo Rank

visual seo status

yes here you can see what current status about your individual any pages or posts seo status.

it’s cool right ?
2.  Focus Keyword

focus keyword

You can make a target keyword of your pages/posts, you need to put a keyword “word” which word already have on your title/posts content and description also.

3. On-Page Optimization


another very important part of seo,you can maintenance from from here if you like to use dummy content.

4.  XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

before WordPress this plugin, when i was working with many others website always need to use XML sitemap website for create a manual sitemap and then need to upload on host.
now this plugin automatically create part by part sitemap for your website.

5. Remote Editors

Yoast WordPress SEO

here you can edit your Robots.txt or .htaccess file without going to host or server. i think this is very time saving feature ever i used in WordPress.

also much more feature you can enjoy when you click Install!

Some of the sites using this WordPress SEO plugin.


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