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BDNEWS Headlines WordPress Plugin is a very fast and popular online Bengali news portal. also there are huge number of Bangladeshi blogger use WordPress and many major social media blogs use sidebar news headlines. so i just published a new WordPress plugin that can display bdnews latest news headlines on your WordPress website sidebar.

= How to Use =
after installation then go to Widgets, drag and drop bdnews24 headline widget to your sidebar, and press save.

= News Source =
You can’t Edit/input/delete source URL, it’s auto attributed source.

== Changelog ==

* WordPress 4.2.4 approved

Screenshots/Live Examples

bdnews-headline screenshot 1

bdnews-headline screenshot 2 Page:

Direct Download:  Click..


== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How does it work? =

Just Installed and active your Plugin then go to Widgets options.

= I like your work, are you available for hire? =

Yes I am, visit my page to find out more.


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