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Google Custom Map Example – For Bangladesh

This is Experimental google custom map for specific defined places,for those who operate many branches of their business center. they can use it in their website contact/branch location page. visitor can easily select “Start” and “End” location and it will show the how far it is and how much time need to reached.



this is very easy to add office location, simply put your office location name. see below screenshot of code.

google custom map

here is the html code: Continue reading “Google Custom Map Example – For Bangladesh”

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Five ways to look like a pro

  1. Have your own website. The publishing business is becoming increasingly

internet dependant. Editors spend a lot of time online. A good looking homepage, with a

bio, writing samples, and contact information, is a cheap and easy way to get noticed. Continue reading “Five ways to look like a pro”

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Freelancer Survival Tips

Hello mate, If you facing problem with your freelance career, then i suggest you to read Matthew Dowling’s Books, Freelancer Survival Tips he nicely explained.

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BDNEWS Headlines WordPress Plugin is a very fast and popular online Bengali news portal. also there are huge number of Bangladeshi blogger use WordPress and many major social media blogs use sidebar news headlines. so i just published a new WordPress plugin that can display bdnews latest news headlines on your WordPress website sidebar.

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5 Great WordPress Snippets

here is the 5 great and useful WordPress Snippets

Encoding Emails

To start i’d like you to introduce you a simple a great snippet using a WordPress native function called: antispambot(). It’s very easy to use but it’s very useful. The aim is to encrypt emails that are displayed on the frontend to avoid spambots to catch them and spam you or tour clients. Just place the email as a function parameter and WordPress does the job:

Change “Enter Title Here” placeholder Continue reading “5 Great WordPress Snippets”

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Freelancer – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

When Freelancers bid any projects they write up/send different types of cover letters, some of them act like they already own the job. now here i want to compare their bidding attitude.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Freelancer – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good :

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oDesk is Now Upwork

Introducing Upwork — Our New Name and Platform.I received an email from Amy Sept of oDesk, informing me that the platform was being “relaunched” as Upwork. Continue reading “oDesk is Now Upwork”

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Top 5 Chrome Extensions For WordPress Developer

a good chrome extension can save your time and help to work more easy as you want. now i want to share my experience with my WordPress developer friends.


Almost Free – WordPress’ Press This interface for Chrome. Supports multiple blogs.It allows you to share links from anywhere. Allows quick and easy access to your WordPress blog’s “Press This” interface from Chrome. Continue reading “Top 5 Chrome Extensions For WordPress Developer”

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How to Fuck a corporate Job

Hey there, this is not very easy to fuck a corporate job……

 Why/when you fuck a in-house job:

Point 1. After joining when you feel you have no much time for spend your salary with your family and friends!

Yes I am talking about if boss didn’t give you rest time and he saw you how he saw a robot.

Point 2. When your Boss didn’t give you freedom for work by yourself ,what the way you like to solve a problem, what you think about a task, and if your boss didn’t care about how many co task involved with this portion.

Point 3. when your boss call you anytime if you’re not in office or off day and try to talking about bullshit tasks.

If your boss tries to get work done by you when you are in home for weekend and boss don’t care your family. When your boss call you in midnight and say he has an idea about tomorrows tasks, that’s mean you have no time for yourself after office hours.

Point 4. when always you complete actual tasks but your boss didn’t happy and try to fired you.

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Quotes about Freelance Design

I Found few designer/freelancer quotes,so i like to share with my friends 🙂

be excellent

















Credit : webdesignerdepot